a flight down memory lane

Would you like to go on a flight down memory lane with me? It's starts in the cockpit of an airplane in Arkansas. For our journey this evening, we are in a King Air 300. Care to join me?
It starts with Dad doing his pre-flight check. We can't just get up and go. No, no! We've got to prepare.
As a child I would pretend that I knew what all these beautiful buttons mean and are for, and wish desperately that I could push at least one of them. I still have those urges, even now! Come on, just one button!

And then, next thing you know... VRROOOOM, the first engine starts to roar. Buttons start to get pressed.

Knobs get turned...

I love this experience of starting up the engines, one by one. It's a hidden life lesson that I haven't yet learned, but it's close by-
I can just feel it.

And then, we start to taxi down the runway.

More buttons are pressed. I wish I knew what it was all for!
It's all Greek to me.

Other aircraft are coming down the runway right beside us,
up close and personal.

And now, it's our turn. My heart never fails to race right here, at the beginning of the runway.

Sitting at the beginning of the runway feels so quiet, despite the roar of the propellers. And then, when the throttle is pushed forward, my heart pounds- and all I feel is speed.

And before I know it, I'm flying!

On top of the world!

I love the Arkansan landscape.

There is hardly anything that makes you appreciate the Earth we live on more than being up in the air. I really wish everyone could experience a flight in a King Air at least once in their life.

Awesome things don't always last forever. Time to land.

So how was the trip? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Flying was a normal occurrence for me as a kid. If Dad could take us, he did. It's a legacy that I hope to continue for my children. I guess I had better start figuring out what all those buttons mean after all.

And this guy, is determined to make that happen. He is planning on getting his pilot's license as soon as he finishes his MBA. At least, I'm hoping he'll hold out til then.

It had been a while since I flew with my Dad in the King Air. This trip was a great refresher of memories that were made with engines roaring in my ears.  Flying is a part of me- a piece of my history.  It is something that I never want to forget, and always want to continue. 

exploring the Bear Caves at Petit Jean Mountain

We drove up Petit Jean Mountain to explore the bear caves there. The boys were in awe of all the big rocks. They loved exploring and looking for bears. Of course the bears are long gone, but they still had fun. 

And then after we were done exploring the bear caves, we drove over to Cedar Falls to look at the little waterfall.

Arkansas is such a beautiful state. I love living here! Green trees make me so happy. When we lived in Idaho, that's one thing I missed dearly! The trees! They remind me of lots and lots of broccoli.