Hard work

How grateful I am to be a mom to three young children! And wow, is it a ton of work. And yes, in case you were wondering- my house always looks like that.

I used to think (before I had children) that "the more the merrier." That they were somehow precious possessions to be proud of and that the women that had more than ten were richer than all the gold on this Earth.

And that still holds true... but.. it's more than that to me now.

Children aren't possessions- they are people. 
They aren't trophies- they are individual and tender.

Now, I realize that "the more" doesn't necessarily mean "the merrier," especially when you aren't willing to give them what they truly need: you.

Children don't need a lot of money. They don't need to go to fancy preschools or even wear pressed clothes bought from the mall. 
They need a mother and father that adore them with their time, and who share with them their love of the world around them, and who bring them up to value hard work, sweat, and play. 

What does this mean for us in the Mele Manor?
Turning off the tv- getting off Facebook, blogging less,  putting the phone down. Not just watching our kids play in the yard, but getting out there with them.

Visiting family, reading books, playing games, singing songs, going on adventures, taking walks, and getting dirty. The list goes on. 
I'm certainly not perfect at this, but I'm striving to be- because my kids deserve it. They deserve me.

Just a thought that's been running through my mind lately.   
What do you think?

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