Harper learns how to walk

Harper learns how to walk. Well, she has known for a while, but she is really making good use of it. And, thankfully, she is finally able to recognize friend from foe when it comes to rocks and sticks. She now knows it not's a good thing to put rocks, sticks, and leaves in the mouth when mom says "No."
And so...

we took her outside and let her loose.

She had a blast. And Robbie is in the rocks, and Jeddie is with the stroller.
This is how I know FOR SURE that lil Jed is big Jed's son. I ask him to say cheese, and he just sticks out his tongue. This is where I stamp my foot.

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Heidi said...

Adorbs! I can't believe that Harper is walking. Her hair is such a pretty color too! Jeddie's tongue out is just perfect, hehe :)