Jeddie's Birthday Party!

Lil Jed turned 4! We had such a fun time with his birthday party. Since my mom is my party partner, and her leg is broken- I thought for sure that there was no way that I could pull this off by myself. But my mom was still able to help me and we were able to pull something together. She made the cute banner and helped me decide how to put up decorations.

She also gave me this cute pumpkin idea!
It reminds us of Jeddie and all his facial expressions.

We made him a gluten-free dairy-free cake. Sorghum and millet flour- and the frosting is palm fruit oil shortening. He loved it!

Present time! He loved his presents. Everything except the clothes of course!
Robbie loves it when Jeddie has a birthday, because that means clothes for him too!

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