Thanksgiving: Food and Family

Yesterday we gathered together to eat good food with those we love. I think Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays. Food and Family, what could be better?
All of the leaves falling, and the beautiful colors. Nature is getting ready to strip away some of the growth of this year, lay it down and rest, and start anew next year.

It seriously is one of the hardest meals of the year to wait for...

But, oh boy! When the food was ready, these kids just ate, and ate...
And ate....
I ate so much yesterday I started to have chest pain! My heart has been fluttering all day today. It's saying to me: too. many. delicious. calories!!
The whole time Harper kept squealing anytime anyone walked close to the dessert bar, in hopes that someone, ANYONE, would give her another piece of something delicious! She just didn't understand why she couldn't eat all that dessert she could see. She is definitely my child. No stop button. She would have devoured ALL the pumpkin bars if I would have let her.

It's so awesome to see much the kids grow from each family get together. The difference is just incredible.

Here is Harper yesterday with Aunt Lauren:
and here they are a little more than six months ago:
Harper was such a pale bald little thing. Ha.

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