When I was younger I dreamed of being an astronaut. Of visiting the moon one day. That is a literal dream that I've had over and over again. Visiting the moon. I love the moon. I could stare at it for hours. Last night I tried to take pictures of it. Dang cameras can never quite capture the beauty of it. If I ever can, I'm investing in a telephoto lens or telescope that gets me up close and personal with the moon and the stars. I'm an astronomer at heart.

What do you think about the moon? Do you take it for granted like I do sometimes?


too cute not to share

the cute boogey nose

the boys enjoying their Sound of Music sing-along
Robbie loves this movie.


post Mother's Day praises

I used to think (and sometimes do) that I can do anything that I put my mind to. My parents told me that all throughout my childhood. And I've done a lot of things I'm proud of because of that.  I love learning how to do a lot of different things. Crochet, web design, playing the viola, photography, drawing, etc. I used to think I was good at anything if I wanted to be.

Five Generations

My sister Heidi took this awesome picture for the five of us. From left to right: Harper Mele, Madeline Mele, Frankie Tune, Kay Tusieseina, and Betty Taylor. or you can read it as Harper, her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother, and her great-great-grandmother. I love family.
Harper's face is changing so much! She looks less like lil Jed and more like... Harper. Her own little look. She is so beautiful, on the inside and out.



Here's a pic of my mom holding my then brand new daughter.
Do you see that smile on my mom's face? Did she have that same smile when she held me for the first time? I bet she did.
My mom is so warm. I remember hugging and snuggling her and never wanting to let go. She always smelled sooo good. Her favorite perfume smelled like pear. I would pay good money to smell that perfume again.
I was a momma's girl growing up. Still am! I always hear stories from previous babysitters about how I would scream, yell, and hollar until my mom was back with me again. 
But one day when I was a teenager, telling her how much I wanted leave for college and start my own life, she broke down in tears and told me how much she needed me too. I always knew that I needed my mother, but not until that moment did I realize that she needed me too.
She is my best friend and is such a good listener. I've been really down lately and having a hard time keeping my neck above this water called motherhood. But she listens to my complaints, worries, and dreams- sometimes giving feedback, but always listening. Always there for me. Thank you, Mom!

Mom, I'm so glad I have you. No one can replace you in my life.

My sister Lauren graduated from U of A!

My sister is a University of Arkansas Fayetteville GRADUATE!!! She got her Bacherlors in Communications. I am so super duper proud of her.

After the graduation ceremony we gathered at her beautiful home to celebrate!

Lauren is an awesome sister, wife, stepmom, daughter, aunt, and friend. On top of how amazing she is, she serves our country as a soldier in the Army National Guard. Can't beat it!! Way to go, Lauren. I LOVE YOU!!


Fayeleigh is my beautiful younger sister. She is totally hipster!! Every time I see a picture of her on her Instagram, my heart aches to spend more time with her. She is too cool and near and dear to me. Love you, Faye girl.